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Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 - AIRPORTS While passengers on the worlds largest airlines were stranded by the blackout, one scrappy upstart used flashlights, pencils and megaphones to keep flying. American and United airlines departures from JFK and La Guardia ground to a virtual halt after the lights went out, but JetBlue sent out about 45 flights, and only canceled Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 two that night. A little-known fact: The airport, operating on emergency generators, remained open for departures throughout the blackout. But airlines canceled flights because most of their phones and computers were down. JetBlue, which only handles about 10 percent less volume at JFK than American, immediately called in staff from vacations and corporate headquarters Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 in Connecticut. It was not pretty, said Nigel Adams, JetBlues vice president of customer service. But we had an amazing response from our crew members. We just overwhelmed [the situation] with people. We had mechanics and pilots boarding flights. Staffers examined tickets with flashlights and processed flights with pen and paper. They herded groups Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 of passengers down pitch-black hallways and lit up departure gates with battery-powered floodlights. Close to midnight, the company CEO himself rode to the airport fuel farm on a baggage cart to beg for more fuel. He went over and implored them to fuel us first because we were operating, and the others were fueling Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 up for tomorrow, said Adams. That worked until 4:30 a.m. Friday, and in the end, JetBlue put up all but two of their scheduled flights. The next day, when American Airlines canceled 295 flights, JetBlue scrapped 20. United Airlines, the worlds second biggest carrier, canceled 46. Yesterday morning, the American Airlines ticket counter at Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 La Guardia was still packed when neighboring check-ins appeared back to normal. Weve been watching all the planes take off, and very few have been American, noted British tourist Phil Humphreys, an American Airlines customer who waited two hours in line to learn about his flight home, which was supposed to be Thursday. By Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 midafternoon yesterday, Americans lines had improved, but the company reported 34 flight cancellations, compared to eight on United and zero on JetBlue. To say we came through unscathed would be wrong, because obviously you need power to run airlines, said JetBlue spokesman Garth Edmondson-Jones. But in the end, he said, the airline had to Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 cancel only 8 percent of its flights.Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleWhatsappEmail .

Mexico is not the only country in Latin America where GDP suffers at the expense of crime and street violence. The whole region, in fact, sees its economic development trampled because of it. “Citizen Security with a Human Face,” a report presented Monday by the United Nations Development Program, outlined the high cost Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 of violence in Latin America, taking examples from 18 countries -- and the figures are far from optimistic.According to the study, violence took 10.5 percent of Honduras’ GDP, 8.7 percent from Paraguay’s, 3.3 percent from Chile’s, 3 percent from Uruguay’s and 2.52 percent from Costa Rica’s. The costs were calculated by combining the Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 expenses a country incurs deriving from anticipating a crime (police presence, surveillance systems), the consequences of a crime (health care) and the response to a crime (police response, investigations).Long term consequences of crime are both personal and economic: In the region as a whole, one in three people have changed their usual shopping Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 or recreation locale due to violence. Around half of Latin Americans who have been victims of a crime have stopped going out at night. Violence has taken a million lives in Latin America: In 60 percent of the continent, the homicide rate is more than 10 victims per 100,000 people -- the limit Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 for the World Health Organization to consider murder as an epidemic.[[nid:1496000]]Heraldo Muñoz, UNDP chief for Latin America, explained during the presentation in Madrid that insecurity is not the police’s issue or even the government’s matter. “It is a development problem, and it should be treated as such,” he said.The report explains that “insecurity Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 in the region is multidimensional, including job precariousness, persistent inequality and insufficient social mobility.” And that is, in Muñoz’s opinion, the paradox. “There has been an exceptional economic development in Latin America. Poverty has been eliminated, but inequality still exists. Violence and insecurity have increased because the access to social mobility is still Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 very low and it creates a group of people who want their piece too.”[[nid:1496024]]The report also clarifies that, contrary to popular belief, there is no correlation between drug trafficking and crime. “For most Latin Americans the problem does not lie in drugs,” said Muñoz. The report confirms that, except for Brazil and Mexico, Nike Blazer Christmas 2015 citizens are more worried about petty crime than drug cartels.  In order to start solving the problem, the UNDP says it should begin by new security policies, realistically adapted to society. The economic factor is also fundamental: “We need a more inclusive and productive development. The problem is not poverty, is inequality.” .